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1. Application review

Our team carefully evaluates your submitted application to understand your equipment financing needs and qualifications.

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2. Equipment selection

Choose the equipment essential for your business and provide us with the details for price verification and approval.

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3. Establish plan

Collaborate with our team to set up a financing structure that aligns perfectly with your business's financial needs and goals.

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4. Approval and disbursement

Upon approval, we'll promptly disburse the funds, enabling you to acquire the equipment and boost your business operations.

Quick funding for essential upgrades.

Equipment financing is not merely a pathway to acquire assets; it’s a pivotal move towards business expansion and operational efficiency. By financing the acquisition of essential machinery or technology, businesses can preserve their capital for other strategic uses. This approach often enables access to state-of-the-art equipment, which might otherwise be financially out of reach, enhancing productivity and competitive edge. Moreover, equipment financing typically comes with tailored repayment plans, allowing businesses to align their financial obligations with their cash flow. This strategic financing method opens doors to growth opportunities while maintaining a healthy balance sheet.

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Why equipment financing?

Leverage financial solutions to modernize and expand your operational assets.

Preserve capital

Retain working capital for other essential expenses or investment opportunities, rather than tying it up in large equipment purchases.

Latest technology

Acquire the latest, most efficient equipment, which can be prohibitively expensive to purchase outright.

Tax advantages

Payments on equipment financing can often be deducted as a business expense, providing potential tax benefits.

Budget friendly

Plan budgets more effectively by knowing exact monthly expenses related to equipment.

Avoid obsolescence

Protect from the risk of equipment becoming outdated, with options to upgrade or replace equipment at the end of the financing term.

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Customized solutions

Tailored to specific needs of the business, including type of equipment, length of the financing term, and repayment structure.

Frequently asked questions.

Dive into the details of securing equipment funds with our thorough Q&A resource.

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What types of equipment can I finance through this program?

Our equipment financing program covers a wide range of equipment types, including but not limited to manufacturing machinery, construction equipment, medical devices, office technology, and transportation vehicles. If you have specific equipment needs, feel free to contact us to discuss whether they are eligible for financing.

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How does equipment financing differ from a traditional loan?

Equipment financing is specifically designed for the purchase of business equipment. Unlike traditional loans, the equipment itself often serves as collateral for the loan. This means potentially lower interest rates and easier approval processes compared to unsecured loans. Additionally, repayment terms and schedules are typically aligned with the lifespan and use of the equipment.

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What are the credit requirements for equipment financing?

While credit requirements can vary, we generally assess your business's credit history, financial health, and the type of equipment being financed. However, since the equipment serves as collateral, we may offer more flexible credit requirements compared to unsecured loans. We encourage all interested businesses to apply, as we offer solutions for a variety of credit profiles.

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Can I still apply for equipment financing if I am a new business?

es, new businesses are eligible to apply for equipment financing. We understand that new businesses might not have an extensive credit history, so we consider other factors such as the business plan, market potential, and the owner's personal credit history. We recommend preparing a detailed business plan and financial projections to strengthen your application.